Attack of the Vampire Lobbyists Washington DC Original Painting Greg Winters

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Attack of the Vampire Lobbyists Washington DC Original Art by Greg Winters.

I'm not sure what this was done for.

Great image.

Original air brush painting.


The dimensions are 20" by 15"
The painting is on premium art board and in excellent condition

This ships flat which is why it is expensive to ship.

Greg Worked mostly on video game, movie art and some advertising. 


Greg Winters has been a freelance illustrator since graduating from UC Berkeley and then Art Center College in 1982.

He has done the movie posters and product art for numerous movies including Gremlins 1 & 2, Witches, The Goonies, Hook, Back to the Future and many others.
Other clients include the NFL, the video game industry, Star Wars toys and games for Lucas arts, Star Trek and many sci-fi pieces for different uses, many toy companies advertising agencies and publishing. He has worked directly with Author Services to produce several original airbrushed volcano paintings for Dianetics (hard and soft covers), and many covers for Missionand Battlefield Earth hard and paperbacks and other Scientology publications.